Bike Security/Alarm System

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Bike Security/Alarm System:

Specially designed for two-wheeler security, the TP Bike Security/alarm System has some outstanding features
  • Once the system is activated (armed), it automatically cuts off the vehicle’s ignition circuit and prevents engine from starting.
  • Extremely sensitive to the slightest movement, jerk or tampering, it instantly responds by setting off a loud siren.
  • The BLACKCAT System can also start the engine by Remote Control.
  • The Remote’s operating range is 300 feet (max).
  • Both the Remote, and the Module are water resistant – a crucial advantage since two-wheelers are exposed to rain and other vagaries of the weather.

Remote Arming/Disarming (range 300ft.max)
Silent Arming
Ignition Cut-Off
Remote Engine Starter
Alarm by Ignition
Bike Finder
Anti Hijacking

  • Power-off Memory
  • Impact Sensor
  • Sensitivity Adjustable by Remote
  • Arming Reminder
  • Panic
  • Overtaking warning
  • Speaking Function (optional)
  • Water Resistant Remotes & Module
  • Loud Siren
  • Code Learning

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